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AKD Explains NPP’s Progressive Plans for Sri Lanka

by Ravinath Wijesekara

The National People’s Power (NPP) is the only aspiration to put an end to corrupt politics and move away from traditional politics that has led the country to a crisis and the NPP is ready to lead the country towards a stronger economic and political journey, NPP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayaka said.He said the economic and political policies adopted over the past decades have been completely ruined in the most disastrous manner and the burden has been passed onto the public by way of increased cost of living, shortage of food and the inability to repay debts, while questioning the purpose of a political agenda that does not uplift living standards and strengthen the economy.Addressing the NPP representative summit in Colombo he said the unsuccessful traditional politics followed so far should be changed as it is evident that the country could not be uplifted by such approaches and rebuilding a country could not be done by an individual but should rather be a collective effort.He further said the country and the public have not faced a natural catastrophe but is facing repercussions of a long-term unsuccessful political and economic journey and that it is crucial to establish refined policies.The main reason for the current crisis that the country is facing is mainly due to corrupt politics and this is made evident by those in power trying to make money even out of the COVID-19 pandemic, he said while questioning how faith can be placed on such political leaders.The reports of the former Auditor General have assessed sufficient details on corrupt politics, Dissanayake said adding that corrupt politics does not only expose bribes but affects the country in the long term.“Several have lost faith in politics but the only manner in which the current crisis the country is facing is also due to politics,” he said, while noting that a people’s movement is required for the NPP to shift from traditional politics towards a more long-term beneficial approach.“Politicians should engage with the public and understand issues at ground level without continuously being entitled to privileges and every official should ensure they fulfil their individual responsibility. Politicians do not abide by the law and thereby the privileges so given should be cut down.”He added that to rebuild the country, two main factors have to be taken into consideration; eliminating corrupt politics and collective effort, while stating that although the NPP has several plans, ideas and proposals, public opinion will be taken into consideration.Economic policies should be construed based on increasing local production and increasing supply in the local market, which is why there is a downfall in local production when containers of essentials are held at ports; there is a shortage of essential commodities in the local market, he opined.The other way is by increased involvement of the public towards economic uplift and by equal distribution of wealth. Every country develops their economy based on several different mechanisms and we have to put our resources into good use, Dissanayake said.“We have several natural resources and these have to be put into effective use together with increased involvement of human resources he said adding that one main issue with the human resource in the country is education. Although 330,000 enrol for grade 1 in schools, 30,000 drop out before grade 10 which construes nine per cent of those who enrol for school”.He further said that over 70 per cent of drug addicts and prisoners have not even completed their Ordinary Level examinations and that there is a relationship between poverty and education.He added that the NPP will make sure the main requisites of the public met including shelter, an income, education for children, a health system and mental wellbeing.

– By Faadhila Thassim (Ceylon Today)

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