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For a better tomorrow, a people's collective with hope and confidence.

Rapid Response to Overcome Current Challenges (Booklet)

Kaushalya Ariyarathne (Attorney at Law) is addressing in the event of 'Down of Hope'

Our Mission

"The plight of our nation..."

“We are a people who treat our mothers and the nation with reverence. What happened to a society with such high morals? The proud history of over 2500 years, which was an integral part of our identity, has gradually weaned off. All we see and hear around us is the decline and the collapse of society. Morality, the economy, health, education, transportation, politics, and discipline – all these societal functions are evident of such corruption. The environment is so polluted that even worms in the soil and crows in the sky can’t survive anymore. We have lost our pride and are unable to call this our motherland anymore…”

The Sabaragamuwa Provincial Chief Sangha Nayake of Malwathu Chapter of the Siam Maha Nikaya, Grantha Visharada, Rajakeeya Panditha Shasthrapathi Keligama Vijithananda Thero

A saturated future of farming
A concept of sustainable agriculture

“We will;
uplift the livelihoods of farmers who ensure our food security while enabling their contribution to the national economy by systematic agriculture plans, stable prices, modern technology and transform the agriculture into a sustainable, poison free and export oriented sector”

Quality of education
A civilized citizen

“Education is considered to be a universal human right. Fair access to education should be provided to all without discrimination. Attention must be paid to all nationalities and people with special needs, as well as to the neglected/marginalised sections of society. From pre-school to tertiary education, the state must bear the necessary funds and it is the responsibility of the government to ensure the infrastructure, including human and physical resources, necessary to sustain the free education process.

A multilingual friendly workplace
A modern human

“While acknowledging the importance of culture as one face of identity, we recognize that developing culturalism is also an important part of culture. We recognize the right of the community and individual human beings – when they become self-aware of cultural limitations – to grow out of those limitations to achieve freedom and emancipation. We understand that there are sometimes conflicts between human freedom and culture. It is part of our policy to understand that such conflicts are part of the culture itself. We recognize the liberation of the human from the cultural malaise as a task assigned to artists”

Quality health care
A healthy citizen

“According to the World Health Organization, health is not only the elimination of disease or disability, but also the attainment of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. It contributes to social development”

A quality life
A steady economy

“Building a sustainable economy and distributing its benefits equitably among the people will be the basis for building a sustainable Sri Lanka. Modern knowledge and technology acquired by the world should be taken into consideration for the future needs of agriculture, fisheries, plantations, and industries. To elevate the status of Sri Lanka on global platforms, we need a strong foreign policy and a national security system that redefines state borders and the security of the people. Achievements in all these sectors will help to build a strong Sri Lanka”

Efficient transport service

“A people-oriented system, as opposed to a profit-oriented business, has to be created considering the common transportation needs of people in the country. This economically viable and sustainable government policy must be efficient, reliable, safe, and respectful of all people”

One country
A Sri Lankan race united by diversity and equality.

“The ethics of a society is an essential factor for social wellbeing. Although our society does not take the breakdown of ethics seriously, it is the trigger point of the inevitable collapse of many social institutions. We hope to build an ethical Sri Lanka – a society that upholds the law and democracy that treats all communities equally; respects the Constitution; recognizes the existence of all communities and protects their rights; respects and protects the rights of special concern groups such as children, women, the elderly, and the disabled, accepting responsibility towards them. In response to a state that is accountable to its people, we aspire to a civil society that understands its duty and responsibility”

A beautiful Sri Lanka

“It is our responsibility to care for this nation’s cool, evergreen, and magnificent flora & fauna, to maintain farmland for toxic-free food production, to maintain rural and urban landscaping, and to ensure effective allocation of land, etc. at an optimal standard. As we protect the land that we occupy and its plant life, we will be left with a beauteous environment with a minimum contribution to global warming. We hope to create a clean living space and a workspace with access to crystal clear water and a clean atmosphere, and also to create an environment of beauty and hygiene”

Building women's power

“We reject the status-quo of deep inequalities in our society. We strive for a society where freedom and equality for all are guaranteed, free from violence and oppression”

Our mission

To liberate this country from the devious, failed, incompetent, opportunistic, and gluttonous political groups that have been ruling since the so-called independence from the imperialists, destroying the country and plunging it into a deeper abyss than it was before. We aim to build the largest people’s force that rebuilds and protects the country, that produces people’s representatives who are truly accountable to the people.

The basis of national policy

Our policy framework is based on national policies developed by the National Intellectuals’ Organization – an affiliate of ours, which travelled across the country, meeting and conversing with various communities, identifying their needs – and also incorporating important proposals from various other organizations and individuals. It is open to the ideas of the public and will be further developed to free the nation from the ill effects of rising commodity prices, unbearable debt, economic and social pressure, and national disharmony. The foundation of our policy is to lead this glorious and bountiful country to true prosperity by regaining control of the land, the sea, the sky, and the factories that we have been gradually losing along the way.

For Tomorrow...

We are laying the foundations for a progressive people's government, liberating the Sri Lankan people who are exhausted from seventy three years of failed governance by a deceitful political elite...

For Tomorrow...

We, the National People’s Party

Come forward together with us