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Strengthening Bilateral Ties: Anura Kumara Dissanayake's Visit to India and Its Impact on Sri Lanka's Political Landscape

-Colombo, February 05, 2024-

In a groundbreaking development for Sri Lanka’s political landscape, Anura Kumara Dissanayake, the leader of the National People’s Power (NPP), has been extended an official invitation by the Indian government, marking the first-ever diplomatic outreach to the party. This unprecedented move not only strengthens bilateral relations but also underscores the NPP’s growing international influence and strategic vision, particularly in navigating relations between the two economic powerhouses, China and India.

Diplomatic Outreach and Bilateral Ties

Dissanayake’s visit to India on 5 February 2024 comes at a crucial time, just ahead of impending elections in Sri Lanka. The series of high-level meetings with top Indian officials highlights the importance both nations place on fostering a stronger relationship. The visit not only strengthens economic ties but also sends a clear signal to Sri Lanka’s political landscape, suggesting that India recognizes the NPP as a pivotal player in shaping the nation’s future.

Nonaligned Diplomacy: Balancing Act with China and India

Central to the NPP’s diplomatic strategy is a commitment to nonaligned foreign policy. This approach, evident in successful tours to China and now India, showcases the party’s dedication to maintaining a delicate balance between the two flourishing economies. By actively engaging with both China and India, the NPP presents itself as a party with a pragmatic and dynamic foreign policy, safeguarding Sri Lanka’s interests on the global stage.

Diplomatic Finesse and Leadership

Anura Kumara Dissanayake’s diplomatic successes, including visits to China, the USA, Australia, and South Korea, demonstrate his prowess in building international alliances. The invitation from India adds another feather to his cap, solidifying his reputation as a skilled diplomat capable of navigating complex global politics. This diplomatic finesse not only enhances the NPP’s credibility but also positions Dissanayake as a leader capable of steering Sri Lanka into a new era of governance.

Global Recognition: Dispelling Doubts

Dissanayake’s proactive engagement with nations around the world challenges misconceptions about the NPP’s ability to garner international support. The diplomatic triumphs showcase that the international community recognizes the NPP’s commitment to fostering global partnerships. This dispels any doubts about the party’s capability to lead, emphasizing that international support is garnered by governments and not individuals.


Anura Kumara Dissanayake’s visit to India signifies a monumental stride for the NPP and Sri Lanka on the global stage. The strategic engagements and diplomatic finesse showcased during this tour not only strengthen bilateral relations but also position the NPP as a key player in shaping the nation’s destiny. As the Sri Lankan people prepare for elections, the international recognition garnered by the NPP sends a powerful message about the party’s capability to lead and navigate the intricacies of global diplomacy, ushering in a new era for Sri Lanka’s international relations.

Shantha Jayarathne
Member, NPP Policy Development Team