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A Meeting Between the Ambassador of the European Union and the Leaders of the NPP

-Colombo, February 13, 2024-

A meeting held today(13) at the J.V.P. Head Office between Mrs. Carmen Moreno, the European Union Ambassador to Sri Lanka, and Comrade Anura Kumara Dissanayake, leader of the NPP, addressed critical facets of Sri Lanka’s economic crisis and prevailing political landscape. Discussions gravitated around the protection of human rights, safeguarding democracy, and the contentious issue of election postponements.

The agenda also encompassed deliberations on Sri Lanka’s proposed online safety bill. Additionally, there was a consistent focus on strengthening ties between the European Union and the NPP throughout the discourse.

In attendance were Mr. Lars Bredal, Deputy Ambassador of the Delegation of the European Union in Sri Lanka, and Comrade Vijitha Herath, a national executive member of the NPP.