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Let us stand up as one Sri Lankan nation bound by brotherhood

(Ramadan Message – 10.04.2024)


The Ramadan festival, which marks the end of the month-long fasting period observed by the followers of Islam, is on April 10. We bring the best wishes of the National People’s Power to the Sri Lankan Muslim devotees who celebrate the event.

The purpose of the Ramadan festival is to use the wealth saved in the practice of fasting for a month by patiently bearing the hardships of daily life to help our fellow people. Ramadan rituals are an attempt to recall the qualities of humanity and self-sacrifice that have been forced away from people by the current corrupt social system.

We are witnessing the economic and social disaster that the country and the people have been dragged down by seventy-six years of corrupt politics. We have also seen the evil tendencies of dividing people based on communalism and religion for the sake of greedy political interests and how the land has been soaked in blood for it.

Nevertheless, it is gratifying that society consciously rejects this corrupt and greedy political culture and its evil desires. It is this public opinion that the corrupt rulers are afraid of. We greatly value the guidance given by the Ramadan festival, based on brotherhood, to all people to rise above their nationalities and rise as one Sri Lankan nation bound by brotherhood.

In a historic year when Sri Lanka is prepared to start a new era of renaissance, we invite the Sri Lankan Muslims celebrating Ramadan to join hands as one Sri Lankan nation in the name of brotherhood.

Anura Kumara Dissanayake
National People’s Power