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Chamith Vithanage

කංසා සම්බන්ධයෙන් ඔබලා දරණ මතය දැනගැනීමට කැමැතියි.


ස්තුතියි . එය ආයුර්වේදයේ ඖෂධයක් හැටියට යොදා ගැනේ. ඒ ඇසුරෙන් ඖෂධ නිෂ්පාදනය සඳහා දිරිගැන්වීම් හා තාක්ෂණය සමග වෙළෙඳපොළ සොයා දීමට හැකියාව ඇත . ස්තුතියි

Hemal Fonseka

I am a retired vegetable breeder with plant breeding qualifications, now working for a private seed company in Sri lanka to develope locally bred vegetable varieties. Most of the goverments were in power including the present one did not give priority to R/D sector of horticulture ( fruits, vegetables and floriculture). May I know the significance given to horticutre sector in your Agriculture policy of and plans to develope R/D requirements of the sector?


Thank you for your question. Can you contact Dr Jayarathne on 0773222405 to get more details about your proposal? Regards

Mahesh Samarasinghe

hello all, could you please kindly let me know how can I get an NPP Vehicle sticker PDF Format? we can print ourselves, Have a Great future for the Little Children in My country. Thank you.


Thank you for your request . We will mail you the sticker. Regards

Mahesh Dharmaratne

In future, NPP must not do begging from any foreign donor agencies such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank, IMF, etc. They will never support the development of the economic conditions of the country. They want to keep the country in a difficult position as they have different plans on SL. Therefore, you MUST make a strong request from all Sri Lankans living in abroad to support the country. They are happy to support. If 100,000 Sri Lankans provide US$10,000, NPP would be in a good position to manage the country for ever. You can make a request as a soft loan with 1% or 3% interest rate. Some Sri Lankans would contribute over $15,000. In addition, many people would come back to the country to do some good developments. Remember, NPP need to establish a correct law and order of the country.


Thank you for your suggestion . We will forward your mail to the relevant people in the party. Kind regards

Malinda Wickramasinghe

Due to economic mismanagement SME have become victim to high interest rates and indebtedness. What the NPP plan to recover the SME from the loan criss ?


Thank you for your inquiry . We consider SME sector one of the main contributors to the GDP. We have a separate policy for SMEj development and the responsiblity of the government is to create an enabling environment. Provide financial assistance , legal assurance for business , improve market accessibility , avoid undue delays , and improve governance . For more details , you can refer to our policy documents . The new policies will be issued once the election is declared . Regards