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Manitha Kellapatha

I want to know if an NPP government will abolish capitalism. If one people has earned any capital, will the NPP government work to hand it over to the government? What is your policy on that?


Thank you for your question . However we wish to say that Capitalism is an economic model and it has failed everywhere . There is no absolute capitalism or absolute socialism anywhere in the world . NPP's vision is not to take from the people but to give them. An NPP government will create an economy that all able citizens will have a role to play. They will earn a fair income that they deserve for their service. An NPP government will have a transparent social security network to look after the people who need assistance.

Thilakshan Ranasinghe

How do you manage this IMF loan when you get the power of parliament or the Executive?


Thank you for your question on IMF programme. NPP's position has been very clear right throughout , and it has been proved now what misery it has caused to the vulnerable groups of people in the country . The government has already entered into an agreement with the IMF but we should understand that it is not prescriptive . If we get a mandate from the public at the next election , we will renegotiate not only with IMF but also with the other parties that have given loans to Sri Lanka. Specially , bilateral parties. Unless we increase our dollar inflows, even IMF cannot find solutions to the issue in hand. Hence , NPP will create a conducive environment in the country to flow in foreign remittances, investments, promote exports and upskill human capital. In addition , service sector will be facilitated and prioritized so as to earn more foreign exchange than it does now. You can always leave the IMF programme if necessary but there are quite a few good things the programme has brought in . For example the recommendations by the Governance Diagnostic Analysis is something worth considering to ensure governance principles. We will revisit the IMF programme immediately after we take over the government and ensure that we are not going to do all what they say.

Ujitha Perera

What and how would you make sure that the politicians are healed responsible for their actions . Many have failed in this area and I think this is what’s is the main reason for the country to faill


Thank you for your question. Under an NPP government not only politicians but also public servants will be accountable to what they do. The government will introduce best practices in governance and where necessary UNCAC principles will be followed. A National Audit Commission will be constituted and they will not only do postmortem audit but also pre-audits to avoid any malpractice or misappropriation of public funds. The parliamentary oversight committees will have not only investigative powers but also litigation powers through government prosecutors. Accountability in all spheres will be 100% ensured under an NPP government because when the top sets examples the rest will have to follow.


I would like to know your intended procedure to work with private universities. Will there be taking over of those institutes or administration and if there is any change to be happened in whatever form, how will that effect to the students who are already studying in those institutes and the children who intend to start their higher studies at them?


Thank you for your question about private universities. NPP's policy is that providing education to all Sri Lankan children is government's responsibility. However , there can be private education which will be regulated by the state. The standards for curriculum , enrollment , service delivery , recruitment of teachers, charging of fee , and certification will be standardized. NPP will develop the state sector education particularly tertiary education which will set benchmarks to the private sector whereby private sector will compete with the state sector to ensure their sustainability. Children will have financial assistance from the banking sector if they prefer private education and they will start repayment after getting employment or income source.

Tissa De Silva

How do you differ from the present open economic policies?


Thank you for your question. Many people think there is an Open Economy in Sri Lanka . It is a misconception . If an open economy prevails , the government will not import eggs from India . It is against the open economic principles. Sri Lanka has a psuedo-open economy which is neither open nor closed. NPP believes in an economy that encourages production and fair distribution of goods and services that ensures accessibility and affordability. NPP government will not import eggs , vegetables , or water bottles from foreign countries but will facilitate production by providing capital, technology, and market accessibility . NPP government will not do business but will ensure fair trading practices. You can call it open or closed or any other but there will be economic democracy in the country.