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Sachin Tharindu

Regarding for smart country


We ensure that we bring in more technology into the governance structure and make the systems smart. We appreciate your interest. Regards

Bhaggya Gunasinghe

I have no question, I really want to say you please protect NPP leader ,Anura kumara . Increase his security, this is serious, all the enemies want to finish him, please please


Thank you and we appreciate your concerns about the safety and security of Anura Kumara Dissanayake, the leader of NPP. We have taken all possible measures to ensure his security but we will strengthen it. Regards

ජ. ච. අහංගම

මම 78 හැවිරිදි මහල්ලෙක්මි. මා ඉපදුනේ නුවරඑළියෙයි. විශ්‍රාම යන තෙක් ජීවත් වුනෙත් නුවර එළියෙයි. මම හොඳින් දැකලා තියෙනවා වතු කම්කරුවන් ජීවත් වන විදිහ. එදා G. G. පොන්නම්බලම් වතු කම්කරු වෘත්තිය සමිතියේ නායක වශයෙන් එක්කෙනෙකුගෙන් වසරකට රුපියල් දෙක බැගින් ලැබුන මුදලින් ලක්ෂපතියෙකු වුන පොන්නම්බලම් යාපනයට ගියා. සාධාරණ විසඳුමක් වන්නේ වතු කොටස් කර නොමිලේ බද්දට දී තේ කම්හල් වලට ගෙනෙන තේ කොළ සංයුතියේ හොඳ නරක අනුව මිළ ගෙවා ගැනීමයි. ඒ වගේම වැසියන්ට තට්ටු නිවාස සදා දීමයි.


ස්තුතියි . ඔබගේ යෝජනාව අදාළ කමිටුව වෙත යොමු කළෙමු . ස්තුතියි


I would like to donate for flooding affected people, please kindly send your contact details. Thank you


Thank you for your inquiry. Please let us know where you live so that we can direct you to the relevant coordinating office. Regards

Kavinga Rajanayake

What is the NPP's tax strategy? How are the VAT, Income Tax Percentage, Income Tax Eligibility Level, and Income Tax Slab? as well as withholding tax for the gratuity and EPF?


Thank you for your inquiry. Tax policy in Sri Lanka is not administrative friendly and diverse in form. Our priority is to make the system simple and transparent. VAT, APIT, PAYE, WHT, SSCL , etc. need amendment and simple to the tax payers. Also the tax net needs broadening and digitizing which NPP would do. Tax avoidance and evasion will be stopped. No tax waivers are given to political favourites. All tax payers will get a sheet of paper at the end of the fiscal year with details of how much tax one has paid and how their tax money has been spent by the government. This ensures transparency. Regards