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Professor ANI Ekanayaka

Who is the current Leader of the NPP ?


Thank you for your inquiry . Current leader of NPP is Mr. Anura Kumara Dissanayake, member of parliament . Thank you

S. K Sujith

Subject: Urgent Appeal for a Stronger Candidate in Nuwara Eliya - Let Our Voices Be Heard Dear NPP Leadership, I trust this email finds you well. I am writing to express my concerns and those of my family and friends regarding the upcoming election in Nuwara Eliya. As loyal supporters of NPP, we believe in the principles and values that your party upholds. However, recent discussions within our community have raised apprehensions about the current candidate representing our NPP party in the upcoming election. Upon conducting a survey among our family and friends in Nuwara Eliya, it has become evident that there is a palpable dissatisfaction with the current candidate. The consensus is that the individual lacks the necessary strength, both in terms of educational background and popularity within the district, to effectively represent the diverse needs and aspirations of our community. We understand the importance of unity and alignment within the party, but it is crucial to acknowledge the concerns of the constituents. Many voters in our district are expressing hesitation about participating in the upcoming election due to these concerns. It is disheartening to see such potential support wavering because of a perceived weakness in our chosen candidate. With utmost respect and loyalty to NPP, we kindly urge the leadership to reconsider the candidate selection for NPP. We believe that a candidate with a robust educational background and strong popularity within the district would not only inspire confidence among voters but also significantly increase our chances of success in the upcoming election. We understand the challenges involved in such decisions, but we firmly believe that the party's success is intricately tied to the strength and appeal of the candidates it puts forward. By representing the voice of the people in NPP, we hope to ensure that our party continues to resonate with the diverse electorate and remains a force for positive change in our community. Thank you for considering our concerns. hopefully, a positive resolution that will strengthen our party's position in Nuwara Eliya. Thank you


Thank you for your request and citing a very important point and drawing our attention . We will look into the matter seriously. Also , we must tell you that we have appointed a team for the district but not just one individual . Anyway , we will contact the district organization and attend the matter you have raised. Please contact Dr. Shantha Jayarathne on 0773222405 if you have any more concerns .

Thank you


I would like to make a donation as I am unable to support physically as I live abroad. Thanks Anura Hettiarachchi


Thank you Mr. Hettiarachchi. We appreciate your generosity. We have forwarded your mail to our relevant section. Thank you

Dayananda k lekamlage

Hello, I'm originally from bulutota in kolonne asanaya, currently live in Los Angeles, USA. Please let me know the details of npp office in the area and how it work. I'm not a any party member. But i want to help for the change at this time and do whatever possible to help to the people in bulutota area. At least couple of people can change their mind and get their vote in the election I'll be happy. Thank you. Dayananda k lekamlage (I'm a veterinary graduate but now a government worker in a different field) Thank


Thank you for your voluntary effort to help people understand why they should elect NPP to rule the country. We have a Kottasa Sabha in Bulutota, Kolonne. We will send you the contact details if you send us an e-mail.


Jayasiri Dahanayaka

Your economic model is very confusing for common public. I listened to Prof. Anil Jayantha’s very informative interview but it was all over the places, difficult to pinpoint where you are heading? Eg: he said you can put any name for it , without drawing any existing examples? He should have told we are going to introduce pragmatic unique economic model which will be experimental in Sri Lanka first time, or otherwise he should have told we are introducing system mixing Chinese, Scandinavian and Vietnam models.Then common public can imagine NPP is not going to do a economic blunder like Gota did. You guys better to stop talking about Cuban system because Cuban system has failed miserably and very corrupt. I have a suggestion for AKD. I personally love him ( I am not politically polarized and neutral, living in Canada)You better adapt populism and successful capitalist strategies for election win, such as AKD should behave like a country president who shows wisdom, neutrality, integrity, honesty and empathy for all irrespective whether JVP, NPP or UNP/SLPP. Finally he should not speak more than 15 minutes in a rally in terms of his health and status ( J.R spoke only very essential but he allowed Premadasa to speak long speeches)


Dear Mr Dahanayake,

Compliments for the new year. I am sorry if Prof. Anil's explanation was not clear enough. However, we would like to mention that none of the economic models that have been adopted by successive governments have been successful because those governments have failed to understand the ground realities in Sri Lanka. Neoliberalism has failed because of its trickle down effects and huge income disparities. Since there have not been internal controls, it has lead to corrupt regime . So as the other models as they have gone to the extremes of those models without they are appropriately remodeled to suit the needs of the country. They all have miserably failed and finally the country is bankrupt.

We in the NPP have absorbed the good from all models and rejected what are inappropriate. We believe in a economic model where three players operate i.e. public sector , private sector and the cooperative sector sector. In Sri Lanka , people have no proper knowledge or exposure to cooperative system but you may have since you live in Canada. We will be putting up our policy documents together with the election manifesto in the next few weeks . Till such time if you have any concerns , please call Dr Shantha Jayarathne on 0773222405 through whatsApp .