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Have a great day. Dear sir / madam I just wanted to inform, your agenda of your party is very useful build our country to next step. I'm currently work in abroad. we really need to see your party become majority party on next coming up election. However we can see there are lot of people have no idea for voting and some of them scared for JVP & their rules. every country has this type of rules. very difficult to change people's mind for next step. because of they don't have political science knowledge. So i want to inform your party to this situation. option - option - need to increase political meetings and campaigns. especially society campaigns. must to wash their brain. If party can appoint members who has political knowledge for conducting village societies it will be more convenient. i think you almost doing this.but must need to increase . we can see there lot of people haven't any idea for voting. Thank for your understanding . All the best Regards, Heshan


Thank you for your mail and the suggestions. We believe that people now understand that NPP is the only party that has a vision for the country . Please educate people around you and help us build this country . Thank you

Riyon Batagoda

So what is the plan of NPP to end discrimination and what legal actions would NPP led government take to ensure equality regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, sex, etc..?


Thank you for your message. Under an NPP government , no discrimination of any sort is allowed and law of the land will be strictly applied to anyone of any level . Regards

Hettige Thillak Priyadarshana

Kindly let me know what. will be the plan for solving the long pending/dragging court issues, especially land cases.


Thank you for your question . Laws delays is one serious issue in Sri Lanka . Justice delayed justice denied . We will amend the laws , procedures and regulations to streamline the judicial process and will introduce timelines for each type of case depending on their nature. Civil cases need not take much time to deliver judgment. An NPP government will expedite court proceedings and people will have fair judgments within the shortest possible time frame . Thank you .

Charles Appuhamy

Dear Team, this isn't a question this is a request to everyone in NPP. Can you all please stop calling Mahatthaya to all the bloody politicians? Honestly, this makes me angry as those bastards do not deserve any respect.


Thank you for your suggestion . We will communicate your message to our speakers . Regards

Alithamby Nakeel

Dear bro, I am a retired teacher in Akkaraipattu. I am trying to submit my opinion to you as I see the ruling party is trying to anyhow form an electoral coalition in March 2024 with those who are helping them in the present parliament now. I know the present ruling party of those 135 and Ranil will anyhow will try to form the new government in a different election along with the appointment of new IGP. In the mean time, I dont want to see that you are defeated in any form of election to be held under thuggery in both election. And I dont want to see any of those thief returning to the parliament again. Also I am little hurt when you said that we will get 50% or less than 10%. You should not have an iota of doubt about winning the election this time if soften your heart for a coalition with those against the ruling party. Therefore, my suggestion would be to think of the possibility of talking to Sajith Premadasa and certainly win both election without any of those thieves entering to the parliament. People are expecting to chase away the thieves but it is in your hand for talking to the Opposition for a better Sri Lanka. Good Luck.


Thank you for your opinions . However , Sajith Premadasa and his team are also equally responsible for the misery of the people in the country . If you do your part as a loyal supporter of NPP and if you turn 20 families in your area to vote for NPP , you have done your part. We will jail all those who are responsible for ruining this country . Regards