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Nishantha Amunugama

How is removed fuel QR code?


Thank you for your question and it has already been removed by the government.

Professor P.Liyana Arachchi

Mr. Anura Disanayake Leader of NPP Plese your atention for following sugetions: Develop Five year Development Plans for Local Government Authorities. Take necesory actions as follows: 1. Establish national level planning committee to develop stratigic development plans for Local Authorites. Funtions of the Committee: 1. Preparation of drtails format 2. Preparation of planning process 3. Establish district level planning committees 4.conduct awareness programs regarding to LG planning for NPP candidate in District level


Thank you for your proposals, Professor Liyanaarachchi. Your proposals are well taken . We will consider your proposals in our policy development committees at LG levels and at national level too where necessary . Thank you and we invite you to join us to share your expertise.

Maheshika Goonetilleke

Hi, As I understand the NPP is an alliance amongst several parties. We saw a similar thing in 2015. I would like to know how you will find national solutions while having differences? Will it become dysfunctional down the line, similar to 2015 government?


Thank you for your question. The NPP consists of 21 organizations of which some are political parties. We have agreed on certain policies and principles and we are committed to deliver those for the betterment of the country . Not like the other political parties in 2015 or in 2019 that formed alliances to share portfolios and other perks and benefits , these in the NPP have joined to transform the country. We are certain that we shall not have such issues in our government.

Sugath Fernando

How are you going to solve present crisis in Sri Lanka?


Thank you for your question . Since it is not clear what specific crisis you are referring to , a specific answer cannot be given . Nevertheless , if you are inquiring about the economic crisis which has fueled the social issues , we wish to say that there are quite a few things that we have to understand . The cause of the problem is we don't have sufficient dollar inflows to meet our debt servicing and to foot the import bill. Also we don't have sufficient rupee income for the government to meet the recurrent expenses. NPP has developed policies and strategies to overcome both problems and those strategies will be actioned once we get power at the next election.

Manitha Kellapatha

I want to know if an NPP government will abolish capitalism. If one people has earned any capital, will the NPP government work to hand it over to the government? What is your policy on that?


Thank you for your question . However we wish to say that Capitalism is an economic model and it has failed everywhere . There is no absolute capitalism or absolute socialism anywhere in the world . NPP's vision is not to take from the people but to give them. An NPP government will create an economy that all able citizens will have a role to play. They will earn a fair income that they deserve for their service. An NPP government will have a transparent social security network to look after the people who need assistance.