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A. C. M. Asmy

தோழர் அனுர குமார திசாநாயக்க அவர்கள் வெளியிடப்பட்ட பணக்காரர் பட்டியலில் முதல் 10 இடங்களுக்குள் அடங்குகிறார். என்று அனைவரும் பேசுகிறார்கள் அதற்கான விலகத்தை தர முடியுமா?

Piyal. Wadugs

How can I have the membership of NPP.


Thank you for your interest to get the membership in the NPP. Please join the NPP Kottasa Sabha in your village.

K U Mohammadu Fahir

For the member registration


We appreciate your interest to join the NPP. Please join the NPP Kottasa Sabha in your village.


Under an NPP government, will the cost of living of the general public bring to how it was? This question is raised by many people with me. I cannot answer them. So, please you do.


Under an NPP government, the general public's cost of living will be brought down as it has a people-centric approach. NPP government intends to encourage the production of goods & services in multiple ways including lowering production costs. The prices of essential items will always be at an affordable rate.


You can get a broad approach from the above link. Your interest in NPP policies is highly appreciated.