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A Governance that ensures sustainable economic development in which the benefits of the economy are equitably distributed among the people by reducing the disparities in income distribution...

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Jayasiri Dahanayaka

Your economic model is very confusing for common public. I listened to Prof. Anil Jayantha’s very informative interview but it was all over the places, difficult to pinpoint where you are heading? Eg: he said you can put any name for it , without drawing any existing examples? He should have told we are going to introduce pragmatic unique economic model which will be experimental in Sri Lanka first time, or otherwise he should have told we are introducing system mixing Chinese, Scandinavian and Vietnam models.Then common public can imagine NPP is not going to do a economic blunder like Gota did. You guys better to stop talking about Cuban system because Cuban system has failed miserably and very corrupt. I have a suggestion for AKD. I personally love him ( I am not politically polarized and neutral, living in Canada)You better adapt populism and successful capitalist strategies for election win, such as AKD should behave like a country president who shows wisdom, neutrality, integrity, honesty and empathy for all irrespective whether JVP, NPP or UNP/SLPP. Finally he should not speak more than 15 minutes in a rally in terms of his health and status ( J.R spoke only very essential but he allowed Premadasa to speak long speeches)


Dear Mr Dahanayake,

Compliments for the new year. I am sorry if Prof. Anil's explanation was not clear enough. However, we would like to mention that none of the economic models that have been adopted by successive governments have been successful because those governments have failed to understand the ground realities in Sri Lanka. Neoliberalism has failed because of its trickle down effects and huge income disparities. Since there have not been internal controls, it has lead to corrupt regime . So as the other models as they have gone to the extremes of those models without they are appropriately remodeled to suit the needs of the country. They all have miserably failed and finally the country is bankrupt.

We in the NPP have absorbed the good from all models and rejected what are inappropriate. We believe in a economic model where three players operate i.e. public sector , private sector and the cooperative sector sector. In Sri Lanka , people have no proper knowledge or exposure to cooperative system but you may have since you live in Canada. We will be putting up our policy documents together with the election manifesto in the next few weeks . Till such time if you have any concerns , please call Dr Shantha Jayarathne on 0773222405 through whatsApp . 


Suman Udage

I forwarded the NPP document prepared by a committee and presented at the Foundation Institute sometime back to a friend. I was there at the gathering. His main criticism is that so far no constructive policy programme or manifesto from NPP has been published, analyzing the country's current economic and other problems, and how a future NPP government is going to address them. Have you got such a manifesto detailing your policy so that people can decide on this why they should vote for NPP?


Thank you for your question . We have published our manifesto prepared for 2020 general election . A manifesto is generally published targeting an election. Nevertheless , NPP will be publishing their manifesto officially in the early part of January . Thank you

S. R. Fernando

What does NPP have to say about import restrictions? For example, take the local tile oligopoly which makes a fortune by lobbying and imposing various import restrictions. A 2*2 tile which could have been sold for Rs 500 is sold at Rs 1500++ with import controls/red tape, duty and taxes in place. Just to point out that tiles add low value locally and job creation is not at all significant. Also there is no quality issues with imports as they are brought from countries that sell to the most developed countries in the world. I am pointing above facts as lot of lies are spread by the local oligarcs using media, etc to make super profits without competing against imports. I would like to hear NPP's policy with regards to import restrictions and controls.


Dear Mr Fernando A country needs to import goods so as they do exports . However , a country needs to know what to import and what not to . Also it should ensure that fair trading policies are followed. NPP will encourage more investment in industries that we have a potential to develop . Ceremic industry is one such industry that we believe in possible expansion. Also to generate foreign exchange. NPP encourages local industries. Thank you

Km jc disanayaka

පුද්ගලික දේපල රජයට පවරා ගැනීම සම්බන්ධව පැහැදිලි කිරීමක් බලාපොරොත්තු වෙමි


කිසිදු පුද්ගලික දේපලක් රජයට පවරා ගැනීමට ජාතික ජන බලවේගයේ සැලසුමක් නොමැති බව වගකීමෙන් සඳහන් කරන අතර මෙවැනි ප්‍රචාර අප ගැන සාවද්‍ය තොරතුරු සමාජගත කිරීමට කුමන්ත්‍රණකාරීව කටයුතු කරන පිරිස්වල අසත්‍ය හා මඩ ප්‍රචාර බව තරයේ අවධාරණය කරනවා.

Dilakshan Seneviratne

1) Refer to a previous question from Chathura Dharmasiri "Some speculates when your party comes to power you will nationalize privately owned lands like Mrs..Sirimavo Bandaranayake's government in the 70, Do you have such plans?" Your reply did not categorically refute this idea. I think the fears of some in the electorate must be allayed with a more substantive explanation. 2) NPP economic policy is not on the website why? as this is an aspect that most people are concerned about. Direct Foreign Investment (DFI) has been mentioned in a previous response regarding Transportation solutions. DFI is an extremely essential part of SL coming out of the economic crisis because FDIs will bring in much needed Capital inflow and Technology. Investors need assurance about things like Land access, Legal protection, taxation in order to assess their risk profiles. To be able to attract FDI. these things need to be clearly written into NPP policies. 3) Sunil Handunthi is on record saying that Policies can simply be embedded into the current constitution if NPP gains power, as the constitution has provision for this. Can this be confirmed please? 4) Younger generation want to do their own businesses (Start Ups) using their own skills. NPP needs a comprehensive written policy outlining the mechanisms how an NPP government will encourage innovation? Has this been thought through? 5) Traditional economic dependence on Tourism, local industries such as tea, coconut, garments etc, agriculture and foreign remitances are not going to cut it. These plus agriculture play a significant role in the short to medium term but SL need to tap into the digital world and IT skills based services to participate in the global economy, which is expanding rapidly. Chaturanga has been talking about these in his presentations, but we need to see Policies? When will these be out? 6) Regarding foreign remitances, why doesn't the NPP aim to gradually reduce unskilled labour export (particularly women) and instead have programs to upskill them into trades or other professions that will add value to the economy as well as vastly improve their own lives?


Thank you for your series of questions . 1) This is a wrong contention. NPP has never stated that its government would take over private land but will always encourage land owners of such to increase their productivity. We request people not to be deceived by false propaganda . 2) We have not published the 2024-2029 & 2029-2034 policies yet. We will be putting them up in January 2024. However , we have published the election manifesto of 2019/20 on our website npp.lk. Manifesto is an extract of the policy and the policy is a detailed document. 3) Yes , Handunetti has stated the party policy . We are going to propose to the parliament under an NPP government to enforce the election manifestos of political parties if they are elected . Thereby , we make the parties accountable so that citizens can claim damages if not the elected party action their promises . 4) We have seriously thought about the start ups and we have proposed a capital fund for such innovations for further development. We will be having a sizable allocation for R&D in our national budget . 5) We have given priority for agriculture and export agriculture in our policy . Fisheries , Dairy , export crops mainly cinnamon , pepper , vanilla , etc will have more attention . We believe in a production economy in addition to service sector . We will add value to our exports rather than sending them raw. Our policies will drive the country to fetch more dollar inflows . 6) We will not encourage unskilled labour export but the skilled . Specially health workers , manual workers with NVQ qualifications together with other internationally recognized qualifications . We may not focus on sending house maids and it will be gradually phased out .