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I would like to know your intended procedure to work with private universities. Will there be taking over of those institutes or administration and if there is any change to be happened in whatever form, how will that effect to the students who are already studying in those institutes and the children who intend to start their higher studies at them?


Thank you for your question about private universities. NPP's policy is that providing education to all Sri Lankan children is government's responsibility. However , there can be private education which will be regulated by the state. The standards for curriculum , enrollment , service delivery , recruitment of teachers, charging of fee , and certification will be standardized. NPP will develop the state sector education particularly tertiary education which will set benchmarks to the private sector whereby private sector will compete with the state sector to ensure their sustainability. Children will have financial assistance from the banking sector if they prefer private education and they will start repayment after getting employment or income source.


This is not a question. I am from Canada and speak to my friends and relations in S/L regularly. In my conversations, I notice that many of them are not aware that in a Presidential Election, the winning candidate must obtain 51% or more. To make matters worse, many of the "Analysts" who are on YouTube constantly say: "This time no candidate is going to get 51%". I think this is another "Ploy" played by the opponents of the NPP. Neither do I see the NPP educating the voters on this very important subject of securing the "51%" vote if the NPP is to win and act on the policy initiatives. For your attention, please.


Thank you for your suggestion . You are right . We will take your point seriously and will do the needful.


The history and pattern of voting has always been, for some strange reason, for people to side with two main parties - in the last election while the two main parties, the UNP and SLFP fell by the wayside, two new parties emerged as front runners, ie Gotabaya's and Sajith's - So how do you plan to break this as well as attract voters - can this party do what these two did, leading unknown parties to victory or sizable voter base ? Also people still associate certain groups with a violent past, can you manage to win over people who are not favourable to the current govt but still have this feeling of distrust strongly embedded in their psyche ? Isn't it the way that you approach this protests and opposition a factor that causes apprehension amongst large number of people ? Maybe it's the fact that people have a fear of an untested or unknown party that prevents an inclination to vote or support you ? Or, the fact that people are still willing to bear up more hardship before they actually raise their head up and realise their situation, like the story of the frog placed in water and gradually boiled alive ? Or is it because corruption is so embedded in society that people fear if they vote the current rulers out they themselves will be targeted for being part of the regimes which brought the country to this level ?


Thank you for mentioning your concerns and queries about the people's mandate . People in Sri Lanka have given power to the parties you have mentioned one after the other every five years. After 75 years, you can see where they have taken the country to. The country is bankrupted and now every sellable public asset is being disposed by the government to find money. The austerity measures imposed by the IMF have put the people from the frying pan to the fire. People have now realized their predicament and we believe that they have now decided what they should do at the next election. The neoliberal policies of both parties that have ruled the country from 1977 have failed. People's selection now is, no doubt , the NPP. It is shown in opinion polls that NPP is well ahead of all other parties , and the islandwide responses we get justify that people have tremendous faith in the NPP. NPP policies will have sustainable solutions to social and economic problems in the country. The government doesn't want to have elections because they know that they will lose their grip. We have the confidence that people will elect NPP to power at the next election and we invite you too to be a party to the victory of NPP.

Shawn J.

Where is the location at for October 28th 2023 los angeles california meeting ?


Centinela Valley Center for the Arts 1490 S Inglewood Ave, Lawndale, CA 90260

Contact: Anil - 310-626-2404



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