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A governance that manages human activities and the environment to ensure clean residences and workplaces and a beautiful environment - all of which are necessary to lead a dignified human life…

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Manith de Silva

Hi, while I greatly appreciate the efforts taken by the NPP to set an example to the public by cleaning the areas and surroundings where the May Day rallies were held, I'd like to know what measures will be taken under a NPP government to maintain the cleanliness of the streets, public places, and sensitive eco-systems, as cleanliness could be viewed as a key characteristic of a DEVELOPED nation. Improper disposal of garbage, stray animals, poorly designed drainage systems, etc. are some of the factors that lead to this problem. While these problems have a lasting negative impact on the environment, they also indirectly affect the economy, as they could leave a negative impression on tourists that visit the country. Best Regards.


Thank you for your appreciation of NPP. Maintaining cleanliness of the streets is the responsibility of the local authority. The central government regulates the functions of local authorities. Regards

Priyan Suriyaarachchi

I'm an environmental engineer by profession, after going through your environmental policy it is felt like it needed to be reinforced more with modern concepts (Specially environmental economics). So I would like to offer my knowledge and expertise.


Thank you for your interest to support our policy on Environment . Please send us your contact numbers so that we can pass them to the relevant team . Thank you