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Nation Unity

A governance that builds the Sri Lankan nation by creating mutual understanding and trust between all nationalities and religious groups, by assuring their protection and rights, by maintaining the co-existence and reconciliationby accepting the identities of all ethnicities,while deviating from all forms of racist, caste based and religious extremist ideologies. National Unity

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Winning national elections We respectfully ask for your special attention regarding the following proposals. For a very long time, Sri Lankan politics and We would also like to mention that relevant proposals have been prepared through research processes in the field of personal behavior.👇 Actions to be taken by the National People's Power to attract the votes of the Sinhala Buddhist community: * Although the National People's Power was represented by genuine Buddhist leaders adhering to genuine Buddhist principles, due to the short-sighted actions and short-sighted statements of some activists who hold secular views, it was growing. The Sinhala Buddhist voting base has been shaken. That the National People's Power does not condone the reckless actions and reckless statements of certain activists who hold secular views, It should be constantly communicated to the public assuring that the core principles of Buddhist philosophy will always be preserved. * It should be confirmed in practice by constantly emphasizing to the public that the National People's Power is committed to protecting Buddhist heritage. * On special occasions such as the commencement of election operations, the senior leadership of the National People's Power should visit Buddhist shrines and seek blessings. * The National People's Power should arrange for the organization of righteous sermons, all-night devotions, and charitable devotions, and the top leadership should actively intervene in this. * Under the control of the National People's Power, a national Buddhist charter should be prepared to confirm that the core systems of Buddhist philosophy will always be preserved and Buddhist shrines and Buddhist cultural heritage will be preserved. * Development of remote Buddhist shrines on the island and provision of necessary facilities to the Lord living in remote areas. * Establishing the National Buddhist Power as a new Buddhist organization affiliated with the National People's Power to implement the above operations more effectively and efficiently *If the National Buddhist Power is established in this way, we are willing to work with it as a Galle District Coordinator. We respectfully ask you to provide opportunities for that. * We kindly further request that these proposals are not referred to any other affiliated organization for consideration, and that this program be considered only under the leadership of the National People's Power. NPP'S Faithfully, S P Kariyawasam BA(UOR)


Thank you for your proposals. We will take them seriously. Thank you


හැටන් ප්‍රකාශයේ pdf එකක් ලබා ගන්නේ කොහොමද


මෙම link එකෙන් download කළ හැකියි.



I want to know when is Mr.Anura Dissanayake next visiting USA. If planned please share me more details. Together we stand united. All the very best!


Thank you very much and we invite you and your friends to  meet AKD in the USA.

Here are the dates and places that AKD will have meetings .

Oct 28 - Los Angeles, California
Oct 29 - Houston
Nov 01 - Bosto
Nov 03 - Virginia Beach
Nov 04 - Washington DC
Nov 05 - New York