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Minister Sarath Weerasekara made several statements suffering from war mania…

by Shyama Basnayake

“The people of the country have not taken from President Gotabaya Rajapaksa the right to express their views and independent political opinion. It is a right conferred by the Constitution. This right has been confirmed by a number of Supreme Court decisions. This is a right enjoyed by the Pohottu camp while they were in the Opposition. They are trying to portray Teachers’ union leaders in particular as Taliban leaders. The Minister of Police is stating that if the police make a mistake he will intervene and get them off the hook. Those who are agitating against the sale of the Colombo Port jetty and those who are agitating to protect the rights of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation are working to protect the resources of the motherland. Minister Sarath Weerasekara states that the police will be deployed against them. Heads of government shoot with words before shooting with guns. Only then will the guns be brought. Minister Sarath Weerasekara is making various war-frenzied statements in this regard.”

GSP + and the removal of emergency law

“At present, the government is creating an anti-democratic situation. For that, a Prabaharan or a Saharan is needed. A Cyril Mathew is wanted as opposed to that. Therefore, we emphasize to the government that this country did not win through the role of Cyril Mathew. These people are working to brand those who speak out against racism and religious bigotry. Meanwhile, it was said that the state of emergency would be imposed to control the prices of essential commodities. However, the emergency law did not reduce the price of rice. Their failed performance persists and in the meantime, a team from European Union came to Sri Lanka to investigate the granting of the GSP Plus concession. Because of this, the proposal to extend the state of emergency was not tabled in Parliament. Meanwhile, G.L. Minister Peiris speaks in English in Parliament to meet the demands of the European Union. But in the meantime Minister Sarath Weerasekera speaks in Sinhala about shooting protesters. However, Minister G.L. Peiris knows that all embassies in Sri Lanka work in Sinhala and Tamil. Although the government is trying to get tax relief from the European Union, its real intention is to promote racism and religious bigotry. At present all Sinhalese, Tamils ​​and Muslims in Sri Lanka have to go to the international arena to secure their rights. As a result, foreign countries are automatically given a path to interfere in our country.”

What action will the President take against Nirupama Rajapaksa?

“Currently the government is sending CID teams to the homes of even relatives of prominent activists of the National People’s Power. Also, absurd allegations are being made. Several representatives of the Frontline Socialist Party have been detained for more than 60 days. Even Kovid was infected while they were in prison. They are imprisoned under the Public Property Act, but what action has been taken by the President against Nirupama Rajapaksa. The Pandora group questions whether Nirupama Rajapaksa disclosed her companies in her declaration of assets and liabilities as a Member of Parliament. Also, it has been questioned whether Nirupama Rajapaksa had reported on obtaining government contracts from companies where she was a director while she was serving as a Minister. We know that many MPs and ministers do business illegally. There is a question as to where the undisclosed assets of Rs. 35 billion were earned. However, what action has been taken by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in this regard. No law is enforced against government MPs and ministers for plundering public property and violating order. We have serious doubts regarding the Money Laundering Act passed recently. The Pandora leaflets were revealed on the third but working on it was a big process. Two or three months ago, question papers on fraud and corruption were submitted to the persons involved. Therefore, the people concerned knew that this information would be revealed soon. We have a reasonable doubt as to whether the Money Laundering Act was passed before that. Therefore, we urge the people to be more aware of those who are working to protect national resources and those who are fighting to protect their trade union rights. I urge everyone to join hands with these people to protect national resources and protect public rights.”

Answering questions raised by journalists…

“Pandora has questioned what happened to the Sri Lankan police’s investigation into a $ 12 million fraud case against Nirupama Rajapaksa’s husband. It has been a little over a year since the government came to power after the appointment of the President. During this period, the cases against all those accused of fraud and corruption were withdrawn. They were not acquitted by the court. There are withdrawals with the intervention of the Attorney General. The same goes for the President. After being sworn in at the Ruwanweli Seya, Ali Sabri who acted as his lawyer – he was not in Parliament at the time – withdrew from the courts the allegations of Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s misappropriation of public funds.
Will such a person refer the Pandora revelations to the Bribery Commission’s investigations? The same is true of baby elephants. 14 elephants were released and an elephant belonging to N.G. Rajapaksa too has been released. Will these people investigate fraud and corruption?

The online method is not successful at all. Therefore, schools should be started under proper arrangements. The advice of a medical professional must be followed. No teachers’ union in Sri Lanka is on strike. Teachers who volunteered to teach online dropped out. Others voluntarily carried out preparing assignments and teaching. Ministers who do not know the value of the teaching profession insulted them andcaused the discontinuation of online teaching. The issue of teachers is not a matter of the parties. A fair struggle. Even today they are protesting with black flags all over the country. Even when schools start, I think they will continue the struggle while they proceed with teaching. 

Getting the vaccine is our right. We have emphasized whenever possible to get it. But some people do not want to get it at all. Some people do not get vaccinated due to the pseudoscience launched by the government and the media as well as the views launched by a group of far-right political ideologies. This is another consequence of the lack of scientific education among the people.”

Bimal Rathnayake, National Organizer of the JVP

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