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NPP was built for a people’s administration to create new society

by Jayakody PSK

The inaugural press conference of the National People’s Power(NPP), in which the JVP is a member, was held at Solis Hall at Kotte today (30th).
The Convention of the NPP, a people’s center for an alternative political process in the country and is formed with progressive, democratic political parties, civil society organizations and many individuals was held at the BMICH on the 14th and its inaugural press conference was convened today.
At the press conference Comrade Tilvin Silva, General Secretary of the JVP, Wasantha Dissanayaka of Revolutionary Socialist Center, Mahinda Ratnayake of Wame Kendraya (Left Front), , Kamal Perera of Jana Niyamu Kalakaruwo and Dr Anil Jayantha Fernando of National Intellectuals Organization (NIO) addressed the media.
Also, representatives of Ethera Api Organization, Aluth Piyapath (New Wings) 71 Sahodarathwa Sansadaya (Brotherhood Society of 71), Aluth Parapura (New Generation) and Pragathasheeli Sama Sankranth Samuhikaya were present.
Comrade Tilvin Silva addressing the conference said the candidate of the NPP for the Presidential election will be announced on 18th August. He said a fathomless crisis enveloping the society, the economy, politics and culture has been built up, the NPP has been built with policies that could change this situation, it would take part in elections and would march towards salvaging the country.
The General Secretary of the JVP said, “NPP is an organization built with the participation of progressive, democratic political parties and several other organizations. The inaugural summit of the NPP was held at the BMICH on the 14th July and today we have convened the first press conference of the NPP.
A dialogue exists in the country targeting the presidential election at a time the country is confronted with a socio-economic-political-cultural crisis. It is the result of the 71 years of capitalist administrations. The rulers who have ruled the country during this period failed to develop the economy of the country. They also failed to build unity among the Sinhalese, the Tamils and the Muslims. There are communities that have been suppressed not only economically but also culturally, religiously and sexually. As a country, the rights of all people have not been recognized.
Hence it is necessary to build a new society to build the economy, national unity, social justice and the rights of all people in the country. The NPP will fulfill the task of building a people’s administration that will build a society where all could have equal rights
We have organized a massive rally at Galle Face on 18th August to rally the people in the country around the NPP that has been built with organizations and groups that have come together to take the country on a new and correct path. The primary objective of this People’s Power is not elections. Our aims are long term. However, we would also face elections if and when they are held. The candidate put forward by the NPP for the presidential election will be announced at this rally. We call upon the people to rally with the NPP.”

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