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“Our country should be in a much more beautiful place”

by Shyama Basnayake

NPP Executive Committee Member Dr Harini Amarasuriya

Today, the National People’s Power has reached a crucial and important juncture in its journey that began in 2019. As a result of our work, which we have done in the face of Covid obstacles, we were able to introduce our leadership and the Executive Council. The dialogue between us has come here through the formulation of a policy-making program. There are many people here today who have questioned us and criticized us. I know many more are joining us online too.

The National People’s Power is an organization that moves forward in a non-stop process through dialogue. The main reason for building the National People’s Power today is to put our country and our lives in a better, more beautiful and convenient place. We believe that we should have a culturally advanced human society that cares for each other instead of oppressing one another and nurturing instead of destroying nature. We have a plan, commitment, political leadership and practice to build such a world. We also know that there are many individuals and organizations like that. We have built a platform to bring all of them together.

The main reason why our country is where it is today is the destruction of the bonds, cooperation and solidarity that should exist between us. It did not happen automatically. It was destroyed. It was taught that there is no society. Society was presented with a selfish and competitive individualist. We were convinced that the crises we faced were normal or natural. Because of this, we were told that these conditions could not be changed. Or, the problems we face are said to be personal weaknesses. Therefore, they forced us to resolve the issues individually and kept us away from politics. In the democratic process, we were made mere spectators. Instead of hope and sympathy, hatred and indifference were created.

In the end, the rulers and their allies became rich and we became poor in every way. This needs to be changed. Collectivity and commonality do not mean the dissolution of individual liberties and identities. We can create a society that values ​​individuality and preserves individual freedom. But today, there is no balance between society and the individual. Values ​​and practices are telling us today, that there are personal goals and individual journeys. It has destroyed our bonds, relationships and our families as well as the common good. Interrelationships that every human being seeks are hidden underneath by it. Dedication to the common good, the desire to serve has been destroyed. As competitiveness, it requires a balance between human qualities. Loss of that balance has led individuals to seek solutions to problems. But today we face common and structural problems. Our education, health, transportation all have structural common problems. Therefore, a structural transformation is needed to change these conditions. It can be translated collectively, not individually. We are now rejecting the myths, attitudes and unscientific ideas that have trapped us.

The whole world is looking for a new path. A new path is open. Covid taught us some lessons about the transition from the crisis. The world is now pushing for that transformation. This morning we heard the good news that the new world was being built before us. According to the results of Chile’s presidential election, the former student leader Gabriel Warid has won and was elected as the president. I think it’s a great signal to all those who value leftism, progressiveness, and democracy. The National People’s Power was built on the belief that we can transform this world. Come on! Let’s work; Let’s take over the work; Let’s be committed; Let us unite to create a new world, a world more beautiful than today; Let’s build it.

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