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c l rupasinghe

Still I believe not sufficient organization over the village please access that side. and also buildup international relationship with other countries very important. Good luck NPP


Thank you for your suggestions. We have established Kottasa Sabhas in 85% of Gramasevaka Divisions in Sri Lanka and they are doing certain activities to educate the people . There can still be areas not being penetrated sufficiently . We will inform our divisional organizations. We maintain relations with foreign countries and will be further strengthened . Thank you


Winning national elections We respectfully ask for your special attention regarding the following proposals. For a very long time, Sri Lankan politics and We would also like to mention that relevant proposals have been prepared through research processes in the field of personal behavior.👇 Actions to be taken by the National People's Power to attract the votes of the Sinhala Buddhist community: * Although the National People's Power was represented by genuine Buddhist leaders adhering to genuine Buddhist principles, due to the short-sighted actions and short-sighted statements of some activists who hold secular views, it was growing. The Sinhala Buddhist voting base has been shaken. That the National People's Power does not condone the reckless actions and reckless statements of certain activists who hold secular views, It should be constantly communicated to the public assuring that the core principles of Buddhist philosophy will always be preserved. * It should be confirmed in practice by constantly emphasizing to the public that the National People's Power is committed to protecting Buddhist heritage. * On special occasions such as the commencement of election operations, the senior leadership of the National People's Power should visit Buddhist shrines and seek blessings. * The National People's Power should arrange for the organization of righteous sermons, all-night devotions, and charitable devotions, and the top leadership should actively intervene in this. * Under the control of the National People's Power, a national Buddhist charter should be prepared to confirm that the core systems of Buddhist philosophy will always be preserved and Buddhist shrines and Buddhist cultural heritage will be preserved. * Development of remote Buddhist shrines on the island and provision of necessary facilities to the Lord living in remote areas. * Establishing the National Buddhist Power as a new Buddhist organization affiliated with the National People's Power to implement the above operations more effectively and efficiently *If the National Buddhist Power is established in this way, we are willing to work with it as a Galle District Coordinator. We respectfully ask you to provide opportunities for that. * We kindly further request that these proposals are not referred to any other affiliated organization for consideration, and that this program be considered only under the leadership of the National People's Power. NPP'S Faithfully, S P Kariyawasam BA(UOR)


Thank you for your proposals. We will take them seriously. Thank you

ඩබ්.ඒ.ධර්මදාස වීරආරච්චි

මාහට ජාතික ජනබළවේගය පක්ෂයේ ප්‍රතිපත්ති ප්‍රකාශණය ලබාගන්න පුළුවන්ද


ඔබ අප කෙරෙහි දක්වන උනන්දුවට බෙහෙවින්ම ස්තූතියි. අපගේ ප්‍රතිපත්ති ප්‍රකාශන npp.lk අපගේ web අඩවියේ ප්‍රතිපත්ති යටතේ අඩංගු කර ඇත. මුද්‍රිත පිටපත් ලබා ගැනීමට අවශ්‍ය නම් පැලවත්ත ජවිපෙ ප්‍රධාන කාර්යාලයෙන් ලබාගත හැකිය. දුරකථන අංකය 0112 177 005

Prabath Wijekulasuriya

Good Morning, I am just trying to outline three points that I feel beneficial for convincing Sri Lankan majority voters at next elections. 1. Can you please communicate to the mass that and emphasize them as NPP, we are trying our best genuinely to change the society making every family deserve for comfortable lifestyle. beyond comfortable lifestyle anybody can compete with society with their capabilities becoming as rich people. As NPP we are the people who support for poor people to become to the identified level of good life and allow anyone to use their talents and become extraordinary people that means we allow individual expectations either. 2. If we are going to fail as NPP in our expectations, we will handover the power to the governing body of the team that can agree with Sri Lankan citizens 3. Cultivate all bare lands in Sri Lanka except defined forest reservations. we can utilized all imprisoned people for cultivation under forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) supervision. Win is yours but please make sure change our people's lifestyle to betterment.


Thank you for your suggestions . We will share your proposals with relevant people in the party . Thank you

Asanka Rathnaweera

Once the NPP is established in power, will you encourage Sri Lankans living overseas to obtain dual citizenship in Sri Lanka? If so, how will you encourage them and facilitate the process to get the best out of them to support the Sri Lankan economy? Wish youll the very best.


Thank you for your country. Certainly, we will invite all Sri Lankans living overseas to come back to their motherland and contribute their knowledge and skill for the national development. If they wish to maintain dual, there won't be any restrictions. Under NPP government, all processes will be streamlined. Thank you