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“තරුණ තරුණියන්ගේ සිහින යථාර්ථයක් කර ගත හැකි ආර්ථිකයක් ගොඩනඟනවා” -ජාතික ජන බලවේගයේ නායක අනුර කුමාර දිසානායක- “පොලීසියේ වෘත්තීමය ගරුත්වය ආරක්ෂා කරන පාලනයක් අපි ස්ථාපිත කරනවා” -ජාතික ජන බලවේගයේ නායක අනුර කුමාර දිසානායක- කොළඹ ගලදාරී හෝටලයේදී පැවැති ව්‍යාපාරික හමුව තරුණ ලාංකේය ව්‍යවසායක මණ්ලයේ මහ සභා රැස්වීමට ජාතික ජන බලවේගයේ නායක අනුර කුමාර දිසානායක සහෝදරයා ශ්‍රී ලංකා රතු තරුව සහන සේවා බලකාය විසින් ගංවතුරින් අවතැන් වූ ජනතාවට සහන
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ගැටලුව විමසන්න

Hi, NPP's plans for the future are exciting. But are the principles being explained to the grassroots as well? And what are the conditions for those who want to join the party? What is the constitution of the party?


Thank you for your question. A 45 day campaign is in progress at present until 30 June . If you wish to get the party constitution ,please visit the website of the election commission. You can download constitutions of all parties . Regards

Jagath Silva

What do you plan to do with provincial council elections


Thank you for your inquiry . The provincial council election has been postponed indefinitely due to a delimitation issue. Since pc has been in the constitution , until we come to power and pass a new constitution , it will exist . Our stance has been right through out on PCs remains unchanged . Regards

Jude De Silva

I am hoping that you win the Executive Presidency of Sri Lanka.


Thank you and NPP will succeed . Hope you would work hard to educate the people and encourage them to vote for NPP at the next election . Regards

Arunan Xavier

Hello, I am an American citizen of Sri Lankan origin. I am impressed by the NPP's ability to transcend ethnic, caste, and gender-centric language to focus on the problems facing Sri Lanka today. However, specifically hailing from the war-affected region of Jaffna, I have some questions regarding military-civil relations. Will the NPP support a gradual transfer of military-operated business and social activities back to the civilian population in the Northeast? Will the NPP release all private land back to its original owners or provide just compensation, and dismantle certain high security zones that may be impediments to that goal? Lastly, will the NPP be open to a gradual demilitarization of the Northeast back to pre-1983 levels, while ensuring that extremist elements will never again rise? I am looking forward to your response.


Thank you for your email and seeking our opinions on a few matters of concern. NPP being a progressive party, we have no intention of using the military for non-military matters. They will not engage in any business whatsoever that civilians do nor will they be used for civil administration. The lands that are being taken away by various agencies will be returned to their legal owners and there will be a mechanism to address the grievances of families whose loved ones were lost both in the North and in the South due to various conflicts engineered by successive governments for political gains. No room will be there for extremists to rise because the environment that will be created by an NPP government will not allow such breeding. Under an NPP government, no Sri Lankan will be discriminated against due to race, religion or ethnicity, caste or creed. That may be Sinhalese, Tamils, or Muslims but they are all Sri Lankans. Regards

Siri Hewawitharana

Since SL constitution lack any methods to challenge illegal laws passed by corrupt govt., is it better to have a National anti corruption body , so that this body can refer these anti constitutional laws referred to the SL high court?.


Thank you for your suggestions . NPP government will have a constitution that will ensure aspirations of all Sri Lankans . The matters you have raised can be addressed through that . Regards