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ஆந் திகதி தேசிய மக்கள் சக்தியின் தலைவர் பாராளுமன்ற உறுப்பினர் அநுர குமார திசாநாயக்க அவர்கள் நிலையியற் கட்டளை 27 (2) இன் கீழ் பாராளுமன்றத்தில் கேட்ட கேள்வி மலையகம் 200 – கண்டி ரணிலின் பொருளாதார மாற்ற சட்ட முன்மொழிவிற்கு எதிராக உச்ச நீதிமன்றத்திற்கு செல்லும் தேசிய மக்கள் சக்தி… “எமது நாட்டின் இளைஞர்களின் கைகளில் அரசியல் சுக்கான் கைளிக்கப்படவேண்டும்.” -தேசிய மக்கள் சக்தியியன் தலைவர் அநுர குமார திசாநாயக்க- “ஒவ்வொரு துறையிலும் புதிய மாற்றத்திற்காக சவால்களுக்கு மத்தியில் மண்டியிடாத தலைமைத்துவமொன்று எமக்குத் தேவை…” -தேசிய மக்கள் சக்தியின் தலைவர் அநுர திசாநாயக்க-
தேசிய மக்கள் சக்தி

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Daminda herath

Please stop this kind of post and mind set. Why always jvp pages targeting religion . It is a big advantage for other parties.


Thank you for your message and drawing our attention to the social media. We have found many fake FB profiles and pages are being operated by certain parties to discredit the NPP. They disguise themselves as NPP supporters or they use the names, colours and symbols of the NPP to promote their political campaigns while damaging the image of the NPP. NPP has no discrimination of any religion, race or ethnicity. Please report if you see any of such FB profiles or pages. Regards


Hello, I am a third-year undergraduate student at King's College London, who is writing a paper on women's representation in Sri Lanka and I am interested in what polciies and promises the pary wishes to fulfil and what actions and steps you have decided to take to represent women further. What are you doing differently to other parties in this regard and what does your party envision in terms of women in politics? Thanks so much!


Thank you for your email and the interest you have on women in politics. You can visit our website and read the policy on women's policy but I must tell you that it was published in 2020. The latest one will be published shortly. You can meet Dr. Harini Amarasooriya , MP from NPP in the UK attending a few meetings from the next week of March. Regards


How to fund the campaign?


Thank you for your email and for your interest to fund our campaign. We will announce a mechanism so that you will be able to assist us. Regards

Sumith kumara Rathnasiri

1)All the government payments should be card payments no cash at all

2)for business registration less documents

3)government services maximum online


Thank you for your email and the suggestions made. We will take your ideas seriously . We would also like to tell you that under an NPP government , all possible measures will be taken to eliminate financial frauds and will will apply the most efficient digital platforms for financial transactions. Regards

kulasinghe karadana

Dear people I been living overseas since 1980s and and was a member in JVP 1971 but I left the country fear in 1986 and my dream was to see fair and free society in Sri lanka ,prole live with respect and dignity I never see this in Sri Lanka as always been a discrimination on the highest level for underprivilege and simply poor people ,still they live in colonial rule. I have a strong feeling that you will make the deferens All I want from you I want spent time in the SL where I belong will you make easier me get a duel citizenship ,so that I can see people of Sri Lanka advancing their life I am 68 and retired, All I want to see my dreams coming through god bless you


Thank you for your email and your interest in serving Sri Lanka even after your retirement. Please visit the Sri Lankan embassy in your country and submit your dual citizenship application together with the required documents. Regards