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“The National People’s Power is where the new breath springs from”

by Shyama Basnayake

NPP Executive Committee Member Prof Liyanage Amarakeerthi

I hope to speak on the topic of human security. At a time when we fear for our lives, when explosive gas is coming into our homes, when the children in our homes are climbing trees, roofs and mountains to study, at a time when the price of nutritious food is too high to purchase, what is human safety? It is very important to think. We at the National People’s Power pay special attention to that particular topic. The rulers of our country often talk about security. However, we see from the sufferings of the people day by day, that they are merely talking about the security of the government. We need to protect the people. We have embarked on the journey of building a country with human security and protection. There are several types of security in modern society. One is national security. It is important to protect our country from the intervention of foreign imperialist forces. It’s not just about building an army. It’s something to be gained through the wisdom of international relations. It is important for the security of the state. It is important to protect the state structure in which we live. It must evolve and adapt to serve human safety.

But in spite of all this, if there is no human security, that country cannot be called a developed country. It is useless if the people in our country are not happy. Human life shines best when there is security. What we, as the National People’s Power, plan to do is to create a country with food and education security, and healthy. An emotionally and physically secure country. Such a country is said to be a country with human security. In such a country, people have deep human values. In such a country, people are bound by human emotions. In such a country, people live with human dignity towards each other. People in such a country think deep, engage in creative imagination, enjoy meaningful art, live a meaningful and leisurely life, strive constantly to coexist with the environment and animal life. In such a country not only men but also women are safe. In such a country not only mothers but also daughters are safe. In such a country the child is safe. Not only the ethnic majority but also the minority groups are safe. In such a country not only one culture but all cultures are safe. All cultures are engaged in a dialogue with each other. This is the situation in a country where human security really exists. We believe that in a country with human security, everyone should have a relatively equal economic strength. We cannot import such a country. But we know that our country can be transformed into such a country. It must be a transformation that must be done with collective enthusiasm. That is why you are all here. That is why we hope to reach out to the people from next month.

Alone, we cannot build a country with human security. The people of the country have to come out of the darkness of the evil of the degenerate political parties and breathe new life. We are building the National People’s Power as a place where there is a new breath. We will sit around the table of brotherhood as equals and talk while we eat. We are bound to each other by the warm hands of brotherhood above the abyss of ideological divisions. The time for that has come. Only by the brotherhood of its people can a country that has fallen ill recover. This is the time for it. There is hope in the words I speak. Hope means the emergence of resistance from within us against an unbearable reality. No one can stop the transformation of this country one day when that hope rises in us, not individually but collectively. That is why we are building the National People’s Power.

We are in an economic crisis. Not only that, we as a country are in a severe spiritual crisis. The tragic manifestation of this spiritual crisis is the selfish feeling that we can prosper and succeed as individuals. The National People’s Power is a force that appeals to the goodness of all those with such individualistic attitudes. We are building the National People’s Power to unveil the hiding places of good thoughts in the hearts of the people who seek the good of this country. There is a local dimension to justice, fairness, economics and democracy. We have to win it locally. Only then can we create a country with human security, education, health and comfort. But in the 21st century, we see human security in our country as something that can be achieved with the blessings and brotherhood of progressive people in other parts of the world. We are ready to maintain relations with the world on the basis of justice and fairness. We are ready to maintain relationships in a way that does not destroy our pride.

Corruption exists in every country. Also, there is a public outcry against corruption in every country. Such people who demand justice in their own countries are our companions. So we call the world to help us. Join us in this transformation. We need a political movement that can tell the world that the money they pay for our peppercorns is going to the poor shacks in our villages and the children in those homes are going to school. That is what we are building. We need a political movement that can tell the world that the money they pay for our tea is going to our villages and protecting children from disease. We are confident that the National People’s Power will become that movement. We have people who can make computer chips just as small as pepper, not just tea and peppercorns. We need a government that can tell the world to help us build a better life for those people. That is the kind of administration we are developing.

We know that the political conscience of the world’s most powerful nations does not melt so easily. Nevertheless, there are progressive citizens all over the world who value justice and fairness. The rule of this country must be in the hands of globally-minded people who want to see many people in the world get out of poverty. We don’t have deals. We do not have commissions. We need an administration that can make a sincere request to help us build this country. If our collective conscience is dead, we cannot tell that story in a way that warms the conscience of global progressives. We are not people whose conscience is dead. If dreams of a better country, a better world are dead, we too are not intellectually or emotionally alive. The National People’s Power has emerged to address the spirit of brotherhood of honesty and justice that is still in your heart. We in the National People’s Power gather here even in this time of pandemic and we listen to the voice of the new world. There are various political movements and rulers who continue to imprison us in our individual dreams and tell us to take care of our own affairs. We cannot let them destroy this country. Let us come together to make this dream come true just as we are together in this convention today.

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