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“There is no other way to build the country but the National People’s Power”

by Shyama Basnayake

Secretary of the National People’s Power, Specialist Dr Nihal Abeysinghe

We are expanding the National People’s Power to become a massive people’s force. We elected the National Executive Council. This is just the beginning. This National Council will next intervene to establish District Councils. We are forming divisional councils of the National People’s Power to cover all the Pradeshiya Sabhas and Urban Councils in this country. These councils shall be made pools of loyal, honest and good people. We have full confidence in the people of this country. These people are the main resource we have, to build this country. Utilizing this human resource is the challenge facing any political group gaining governmental power. We believe that building this country will not be so difficult.

In 2019 and 2020 the people voted, putting their faith in Gotabaya Rajapaksa. But in a very short time, this faith is seriously drying up. The past year and eight months have been marked by a series of serious economic, social and political problems for all in this country. During the election, we, as the National People’s Power, tried to explain to the people of this country that this is going after a mirage. That people’s hopes would soon be dashed. Therefore, the people were told to join us at that time. But many did not listen to that request at that time. There were different people there. There were a large number of educated people doing a job or a business, who sincerely hoped to build this country. Some quit their jobs and became involved in politics. Scholars joined Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s team with high hopes. Many believed that Gotabaya Rajapaksa, a newcomer to politics, would intervene to rebuild the country by ending the old practices of corruption.

But many who went after it are now lost. Therefore, we have to turn the National People’s Power into a national movement that fulfils their aspirations. We give them hope. We need to win them over and give them the responsibility to change this country and be partners. We must build an honest and loyal mass leadership and give them the opportunity to join in the great work of building this country. All honest and non-corrupt people who love the country are invited. I invite the people living in every corner of this country to join the National People’s Power. You have no other way but the National People’s Power. This is not something that can be done only by those of us who are currently united as the National People’s Power. This is your country too. This is the country of all of us. This country should be saved for the sake of the children of this country. This country must be built. You need to create a good environment for your children to live in. We have to make many sacrifices. We invite you to contribute as much as you can.

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