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We are introducing an alternative work plan to the country

by Shyama Basnayake

NPP Executive Committee Member Attorney-at-Law Lal Wijenayake

We are at a critical juncture where our country has collapsed economically, socially and culturally in every direction. Leaders who ruled the country for seventy-three years since independence have dragged this country into a lamentable situation where it is above only Afghanistan in this region. The politics that led the country to such a situation should be defeated. What we should defeat is not just individuals but of course their politics. The position that the country has downgraded in terms of the economy need not be specially mentioned here as it is quite obvious to all. Likewise, our society too is collapsed. We have failed to unite all racial groups in the country and thereby to build one Sri Lankan identity. The nature of the politicians elected is quite clear when we look at the Parliament.

The level the country has collapsed is evident from the expectations that almost all the youth of this generation have on leaving the country. They are on the lookout for all possible ways to achieve this hope of leaving the country. Young people have lost faith in the country. They do not believe that there’s any future in this land and this is what it makes so tragic. Thus, this scenario led the JVP and the rest of the leftist parties to unite first and then establish the National People’s Power (NPP). We are holding this conference today to introduce an alternative political process and also to introduce an alternative work plan and an alternative leader. Further, we also work towards introducing a Leadership Council that shall consist of seventy-five members. We will also work towards spreading the word about NPP throughout the country and creating a discussion with people. If there’s any need to make any changes to such policies, there is room for any such change as well. Our anticipation is to make arrangements to establish a government, which is necessary to rebuild the once collapsed and broken nation. We will conduct conventions at the district level and we will also work towards rebuilding the shattered nation by striving hard to fulfil the expectations of the people. Therefore, we invite you all to unite and join hands with us for realizing the said purpose. National People’s Power is not restricted to several parties or groups. This will be established as a common platform for those who unite to rebuild the shattered motherland, by way of an alternative political programme. We, therefore, urge all people to unite and join us in this journey towards change.

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